Sunday, January 14, 2018


I am a flirt.
I love sex.
I don't get much
very often

I used to have a lot.
I've had some recently
I can't say

ya' know?

I am "me too,"
but I still
love sex
and want more.

Friday, October 13, 2017


I keep a pair of black gloves in my linen closet
for use when dying my hair.

Every time I open the door, the suction
causes the fingers to wave.

This startles me - - - - every time. I don't move

This is the only salutation I see
most days.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


I look down 
at my kitchen floor, 
silvery marks on the tile 

made by the legs of the dining chairs 
being pulled and pushed, 
back and forth.

I remember having a packet of green, felt
floor protectors in the drawer of the table
where the Crosley sat atop.

I'm playing Billy Joel's "Piano Man" 
on that turntable right now,
but it's sitting on a bookcase. That table,
that table is from a different life. 

The record plays amazingly well,
no scratches or skips,
none at all.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Bird Face

When I die, I want my Bird Face
picture blown up to movie screen size
projected on a wall wherever
my memorial may be held.

I want to be remembered
as I was before
life stole my ability to be myself.

When I hadn't learned
shame, embarrassment, hurt.

Before false friends, school bullies, body shaming.

Alternating between food binges, laxatives, starving
myself. Labels: Big Nose, Fatty, Bad Association.

Before self-righteousness, arrogance, and disfellowshipping.

After turning 50, going grey,
not giving a fuck.

Post Scriptum

That is who I am.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


I wear

a $150 watch on my left wrist
a gift to myself
for my 45th year of birth

10 years ago

$12 earrings in my ears a gift to myself
just now

             I'll show them to you

rock your cradle
diamonds for gold

post all relationships ever
           different worlds

Greg Allman died
so did Adam West
I don't know where this is going
or for that matter
anything else

Over the Hill

Keep the lights low
it's better that way
you won't see

the bags
under my eyes
or the wrinkles
on the tops of my
inner thighs.

Keep the lights low
I'm  a hill
you haven't climbed.

My experience
your energy

Now we're both
over it.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


adjective: passive-aggressive
  1. of or denoting a type of behavior or personality characterized by indirect resistance to the demands of others and an avoidance of direct confrontation, as in procrastinating, pouting, or misplacing important materials.