Thursday, July 26, 2012


Book Launch at Poets' Hall. 
More info forthcoming. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Life has been a roller coaster. I know that’s cliché but, it’s the truth. Maybe instead I should say it’s been a hay ride over beautiful verdant rolling hills and reeking horse dung. I’ve been living on the edge, the edge of family, relationships, Tucumcari, Tucson, Perry Square, Erie and above all           

The book, Tucumcari, written by my partner Geoff Peterson and me, is coming out July, 2012. It reveals more about me than I thought I would ever reveal to anyone, let alone unidentified readers. I’m not used to letting others know so much. I like to be mysterious. I like to think that no one knows where I come from or who I am. But reveal it does.

I think the story of what could have been is the story of a lot of people. The search for what could be, if only, is common to many. The presentation is unique, original and candid.

I hope you find Tucumcari, familiar, funny, difficult, a tale of yourself, but if none of that, at the very least, 
a worthwhile read.