Saturday, June 28, 2014

Maya Said There’d Be Days Like This

Maya Said There’d Be Days Like This
(Elliot Rodgers and the Manosphere)

Maya said,
I've got diamonds
at the meeting of my thighs.

That doesn’t give you
mining rights.

Annihilate me

for rejecting you? You whom i don’t
know. But you don’t know

You WANT to see broken
bowed heads and lowered eyes
and hear soulful cries. You got it
didn’t you?       But now you are gone.
Nothing to see here

is the response from the extreme men’s rights and their
longing to watch all the women of the world
starve to death in concentration camps,  claim they aren't


I wonder what the Nigerian girls 

by Boko Haram are thinking
they probably don’t even know
about this


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